Portable BLADE-LESS Fan

Portable BLADE-LESS Fan

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When hot weather kicks in, we always wanted something to cool us down wherever we are. Good thing they invented these portable and battery operate fans!

But this one’s different among the others. Yes, that’s right. The Portable Bladeless Fan – is a unique bladeless fan! Therefore, it’s safer and more convenient even for children. The Portable Bladeless Fan has two modes; normal and high. This fan is suitable for humid climates. You can use it via USB cord or batteries. Just don’t forget to remove the batteries when you use it with a USB cord.


The Portable Bladeless Fan is primarily designed to be safe for kids
High quality material and durable
Ideal for traveling or just to get cooled when in office or at home
Works either with USB or 4 AAA batteries but not simultaneously. (batteries not included)
This Portable Bladeless Fan allows you to cool down wherever you may need fresh air. This makes a perfect gift for children too. Get your own Portable Bladeless Fan, NOW!